What is the role of Vaisyas in Hinduism?

In Hinduism, Vaisyas are the third of the four varnas, or social classes. They are traditionally associated with  agriculture, trade and commerce.  


Vaisyas are considered  the backbone of  Hindu society and are responsible for creating wealth and sustaining the community.


  Vaisyas are expected to practice honest and ethical business practices, and their wealth is seen as an opportunity to support the community through charity and other forms of philanthropy.  Vaisyas must also  follow their dharma or commitment, which includes performing rituals, following ethical guidelines, and practicing their profession with devotion and integrity. 


Apart from their economic contribution, Vaisyas also play an important role in preserving Hindu culture and traditions. They are expected to support and participate in religious ceremonies and festivals and  maintain  ancestral traditions and customs. 


 In general, Vaisyas are an important part of  Hindu society and play an important role in the economic and cultural well-being of the community.

Islam: Including the Incredible of a Multifaceted and Infinite Religion

Origins and Historical Context: From the Arabian Peninsula, Islam first appeared in the seventh century CE, with its founder Muhammad serving as its last messenger. Islam's sacred book, the Quran, is a compilation of the revelations that Muhammad received. In the Islamic Golden Age, the faith rapidly expanded across continents, influencing a wide range of cultures and fostering the advancement of knowledge, the arts, and science.


Deciphering the Jain Philosophical Tapestry: Examining Jīva, Ajiva, Asrava, and Bandha

First of all: The ancient Indian religion known as Jainism is well known for its deep philosophical teachings that explore the nature of life and the quest for spiritual enlightenment. The four basic ideas of Jain philosophy are Jīva, Ajiva, Asrava, and Bandha. We go on a journey to understand the nuances of these ideas in this blog post, delving into the core ideas of Jain philosophy and how it affects the lives of its adherents.


Ukraine church scrutiny receives plaudits, but there is concern about overreach

The Eastern Orthodox Christians' holiest site, the Monastery of Caves, also known as Kiev Pechersk Lavra, can be seen in an aerial view taken through the morning fog at sunrise on Saturday, November 10, 2018, in Kyiv, Ukraine. On Tuesday, November 22, 2022, the Pechersk Lavra monastic complex, one of the most well-known Orthodox Christian sites in the nation's capital, Kyiv, was searched by members of Ukraine's counterintelligence service, police, and National Guard after a priest there made positive remarks about Russia, the country that had invaded Ukraine, during a service.

काली बाड़ी मंदिर दिल्ली के बिड़ला मंदिर के निकट स्थित एक हिन्दू बंगाली समुदाय का मन्दिर है।

मंदिर में देवी काली की मूर्ति कोलकाता के बड़े प्रधान कालीघाट काली मंदिर की प्रतिमा से मिलती जुलती बनाई गई है।