What are the things that make Hindus sad in India?

Like any other community, Hindus in India may feel sad or depressed due to various factors affecting their personal lives as well as problems affecting the community as a whole. here are some samples: 


 Discrimination: Although Hindus are the majority religion in India, they may feel discriminated against in certain contexts, especially in areas with large minority populations. 


  Economic hardship: Economic inequality and poverty can affect Hindus like any other group in India. Some Hindus may struggle to make ends meet and support their families. 


  Political turmoil: Political conflicts and unrest can affect Hindus, especially in areas where there has been violence or communal tension. Environmental Degradation: Hinduism places great emphasis on environmental protection, and many Hindus may lament the depletion of natural resources and the effects of climate change. 


 Loss of Culture: India has a rich cultural heritage and many Hindus may be saddened by the loss of traditional practices and customs due to modernization and globalization. 


  It is important to note that these factors may affect Hindus differently according to their individual experiences and circumstances. In addition, there are  many factors that bring joy and satisfaction to Hindus in India, such as  vibrant cultural and religious traditions, community spirit and  shared values ​​and beliefs.

सिखों के तीसरे गुरु, गुरु अमरदास जी की जीवनी

सिखों के तीसरे गुरु, गुरु अमर दास का जन्म वैशाख शुक्ल 14, 1479 ई. में अमृतसर के 'बसर के' गाँव में पिता तेजभान और माता लखमीजी के यहाँ हुआ था। गुरु अमर दास जी एक महान आध्यात्मिक विचारक थे।